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Jagadeesh is the leading search engine marketing consultant in Bangalore. We provide promising results and better ROI for all types of businesses in Bangalore. We do the best Google PPC campaign for your business to win against your competition. We have the best Google AdWords specialist that helps entrepreneurs increase your profits in your business through paid Google search. Jagadeesh Gutta is one of the best digital marketing consultants in Bangalore. Our PPC services include:

  • Accurately search for the most effective combinations of search terms.
  • Complete monitoring, measurement and continuous refinement of campaigns.
  • Adjust everything from location to timing of your Google Adwords ads.
  • Increase clicks to your website and maximize conversion rates.
  • Reduce acquisition costs and continuously improve your return on investment (ROI).

Our rates for creating a Google Adwords campaign

  • Search for your business and setup fee Rs.3,000 / – + 18% tax
  • Google ads budget must be set by customer (budget recommendation will be given by us)
  • Our fees correspond to 20% of the budget allocated to the Google AdWords campaign.
  • Note: The customer must pay the AdWords budget as well as the service fee.


  • Profitable
  • Quick results
  • Budget Control
  • Pay only when you click on it
  • Targeted text ads
  • Results can be tracked easily
  • Immediate and consistent traffic
  • Immediate entry into the buying funnel
  • Provides a better return on investment than other strategies
  • Location targeting and ad scheduling
  • Boosts SEO strategy
  • Retargeting

Google Adwords campaign management Expert in Bangalore

We offer the following services as a certified Google Ads partner:

Campaign Setup and Strategy – Our campaign setup and strategy is based on campaign goals, policy analysis, and identification of key influencers.

A / B Testing on Landing Pages – We design A / B testing strategies to avoid risk and allow you to target business resources for maximum efficiency.

AdWords Credit on New Accounts – We offer Google Adwords vouchers or credits to help new users use AdWords without any significant investment

Facebook Ad Pixel Retargeting – We use Facebook’s most powerful targeting ability, Facebook Pixel, to engage relevant audiences.

Click Fraud, Conversion & Click Fraud Monitoring – Our click fraud monitoring services help detect click fraud as it occurs, recover lost money from PPC ads, block and detect fraudulent clicks.

Ongoing Keyword Development and Tuning – Our keyword tuning and development services have a direct impact on your website’s search visibility.

Ad Campaign Writing – Our ad campaign writing services include smart, intelligent and professional ad composition that turns ad viewers into readers and readers into customers.

Advertising content performance testing – Advertising content testing helps businesses determine the best performing ads so they can make confident decisions about advertising content.

International PPC Campaign Management – We cover tactics for your business to reach an international audience through PPC advertising and create new revenue streams.

Remarketing Advertising – Remarketing advertising allows your business to position your ads in front of your repeat target audience to improve brand awareness and conversions.

Rule-Based Bidding Setup and Management – With our rule-based bidding services, you have the ability to set up rules to modify campaigns based on external events or triggers.

Google Analytics Integration and Goal Tracking – We help you set goals for certain metrics so they can be tracked through Google Analytics.

Advanced Keyword Research – Our advanced keyword research methodology starts at the granular level using high-level research and data analysis tools.

Results Analysis & Reports – Our experts dive deep into analysis and study data on bounce rates, user flow, pages per session, and CRM data to create meaningful reports.

Implementing Website Conversion Analysis: Analyzing and implementing website conversion can improve site performance, convert traffic to sales, generate desired results, and generate revenue for them. companies.

LinkedIn Ads Audience Information – LinkedIn Ads help create personalized ads tailored to the people you want to engage. Our LinkedIn advertising campaigns target specific audience segments.

PPC Account Settings Monitoring – Our PPC Account Monitoring services help identify PPC metrics, monitor them regularly, and adjust ads to help businesses move closer to their goals with AdWords.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Ads: We implement advanced Google Ads functionality that can dynamically update your ad text to include keywords that match customers’ search terms.

Landing Page Design and Implementation – We primarily prepare landing pages for clients who use Google search ads, but they can be customized to work with any type of inbound traffic source.

Monthly performance analysis and reporting – Our performance analysis is at the heart of data collection involving continuous monitoring of activities to provide valuable insight into the data. Daily trends are visualized and analyzed through our ongoing reports.

Competitor Analysis – We provide competitor analysis services that can gather and analyze information from competitors, their products, services, strengths and weaknesses to assess your position and work on your strategies.

Advertising on YouTube – People come to YouTube to see the content they like. We take advantage of this by creating YouTube ads that aim to gain a deep understanding of the most valuable customers, their habits, interests and buying plans.

Strategic Bid Management – Our Strategic Bid Management techniques are a great way to approach PPC campaigns when they get complex. Our dedicated team ensures that your campaign strategy is optimized and that you generate the best possible traffic.

Account Optimization Tips: Optimizing your Google Ads account ensures that ads are relevant, visible to the target audience, match keywords, and are structured in a logical, semantic, and appropriate manner.

Why Hire a  PPC Consultant in Bangalore?

If your business is based in Bangalore, we can help you grow your business through PPC ads. We can meet at regular intervals and discuss progress. Working with a local Bangalore PPC consultant can save you a lot of time.